music initiation

With which instrument should your child start music?

Here are a few examples of used musical instruments
that we offer to introduce your child to music.
Many of you are looking for the right music starter kit
for your child, this is a great idea! Musical instruments help children to
cultivate their social skills and develop their creative spirit.

The xylophone, from the keyboard percussion family, is
a chord-based instrument that helps your child to start playing simple tunes
and practice producing melodies and rhythms.

Made up of blades of different sizes and colours, it is
an instrument that is struck with small mallets. The fun thing about it is that
it comes in several fun and attractive models so that your children have fun
while they learn.

Drums are very fun instruments that allow you to teach
your children rhythm, an essential element in the art of music. You can find on
the market several models of drums of different colours for the delight of your
children. The sound is produced by a stretched membrane that vibrates on a

It is a percussion instrument that helps children learn
hand-eye coordination and introduces them to the practice of drumming.

Proximity instruments such as the djembe, derbouka or
bass drum are also good choices.

The piano is one of the best basic instruments chosen
by parents for their children. I found mine in second-hand , itw as a good deal.
An important factor in socialization, the piano is a prestigious instrument
that fosters team spirit. It is an instrument that can stimulate your child’s
academic abilities and give him a taste for music. The piano is the basis of
much music and is the ideal springboard to introduce your child to the world of
music. It is certainly worth buying one for your child.

The flute is technically one of the easiest wind
instruments to play. The flute can be considered as the instrument of access to
the world of woods for your children. It is an excellent way to unleash your
children’s talent from an early age.

It increases memory capacity, time management, etc. It
is played with the mouth in complicity with the fingers and is available just
about everywhere in musical instrument stores. It is the instrument par
excellence to take your child’s first steps in music.

The guitar is certainly one of the most popular
instruments after the piano. This instrument can help your children develop
manual dexterity that can be applied to certain aspects of life.

A stringed instrument, the guitar allows children to
easily play the songs they love. If your child is the shy type, the guitar has
an externalizing effect that can be helpful. Adaptable to several styles of
play, it comes in several models.

The harmonica is a fantastic musical instrument for
your children. For them, it is a real learning tool with a musical spirit. It
is usually made of plastic and comes in several assorted colours. Of the
woodwind family, it is a wind instrument that produces notes by vibrating as
the air passes by. Very easy to handle, they come in many forms.

They are all instruments that we recommend to introduce
your child to music. If in doubt, you can try several of them and see which one
he likes the most. Let him discover his talent.